Uncover the Spirit of Your Brand

Linda Jackson

Uncover the Spirit of Your Brand

Developed and facilitated by Linda Jackson, LSP, CCH

Through deep inquiry we uncover the six core elements of the spirit of your brand –establishing the emotional value that drives customers to buy your product or service: Vision, Mission, Values, Connection, Purpose and Personality. Fully embracing the unique spirit of your brand and clearly expressing it in a focused way, naturally attracts inspired customers for your business.

Uncover the Spirit of Your Brand – Entrepreneur Program

Through deep inquiry you will:
• Experience profound inner processes to pinpoint your blocks and flip weaknesses into strengths
• Uncover the six core elements of the spirit of your brand – Vision, Mission, Values, Connection, Purpose and Personality
• Remember who you were born to be and establish focus to empower and inspire ALL of your work
• Tap into your unique, unlimited emotional value
• Empower your inherit advantage to attract, connect, compel, energize, empower, fulfill, and drive the desired behavior for your success
• Take away clear creative direction for your brand identity design and key messaging
• Inject passion into everything you do going forward



1. Vision – Your personal Vision aligns with and encompasses the essence of who you are. Your Vision is your inherent power, the spark or inspiration of your business. Even if your job or your business purpose changes – your Vision remains the same. Your Vision inspires, motivates, focuses and directs you and your associates and shapes others’ desire to work with you. Ideally, everyone within an organization is aligned in their Vision. What is the spark behind your dreams?

2. Mission – Your Mission is your Vision taken to the global level or your global vision. Your Mission elevates your intent and invigorates passion for you, your team, customers and all stakeholders. Your Vision and your Mission are always tied to your Values. What do you do every day and what impact does it make on the world?

3. Values – Values include your ethics, principals and beliefs about your work and its relationship to the world. Core values support and protect the spirit of your brand, keep activities aligned, empower your team with emotional intelligence and a sense of belonging, and earn trust and respect from customers/others.What values are behind your vision? With what principles do you conduct the necessary activities to achieve your Purpose?

4. Connections – Your product or service is the point of Connection with your customer. It is the physical manifestation of the spirit of your brand. Your product is how your customer gets acquainted with you. In addition to the tangible benefits of using your product, your ideal customer also experiences emotional benefits and a long-lasting relationship is formed. The number of products one may sell is limited but the value of emotional connection is unlimited.

5. Purpose – Your business Purpose includes your primary objectives and measures of success. It is the outward manifestation of your Vision. Your Purpose is your responsibility to your customers and the deliverables they receive. How is your Vision revealed through your work? What is your customer’s end realization or the outcome of doing business with you?

6. Personality – Your Personality includes the type of connection you make, the look and feel, attitude, tone and style of all you do. It is a good reflection of your Values. Your personality aligns your team and it befriends your customers. A clear understanding of your business personality contributes to strong brand identity design. What is it like to be with you? In what way are you perceived?


You will receive:
• Six content-packed and transformative, 90 minute one-on-one sessions
• Uncover the Spirit of Your Brand Workbook
• Clear definition and understanding of your  Vision, Mission, Values, Connection, Purpose and Personality
• Inspired action steps to actualize your vision and experience your full potential

Full Entrepreneur Program $1500
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