Brand Consistency Matters for Small Companies Too

We are all familiar with brand consistency. Heavy hitters like Amazon, Apple, Coca-Cola, Nike, and Google have gained our trust by providing clear consistent messaging and visuals that match the quality of their goods. Even through hard times and unexpected hiccups, these brands maintain their value.

The same can be true for small companies. Even a one-person company can greatly benefit from having and maintaining a solid brand. Just as the powerhouses have proven, consistency not only helps consumers remember you but helps to form that bond of loyalty—and there is nothing better than having loyal customers.

Unfortunately, some small companies overlook the power of branding. They neglect to see the value in having a well-designed logo and consistent marketing materials, which are key components to a powerful brand. They feel they’re just too small for a brand strategy; even worse they get bored and start changing things willy-nilly.

No matter your size, brand consistency helps you build relationships and maintains your customer’s allegiance and confidence in your service and product. Familiarity plays a huge role in brand choice so being consistent with your brand is the only answer.

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