Your Logo and Brand Must Dance

A logo is a quick and memorable representation of your company’s overall character. It’s usually the first impression when coming in contact with your business. A successful logo will elicit an emotional response from your customers but the logo is just one component of your brand identity, albeit a key facet.

Your brand identity includes key messaging, tone of voice, supporting graphics, imagery, typefaces, colors, and the overall look and feel. As these are deftly applied across collateral marketing materials, your identity is formed. This creates a collective sense of belonging and purpose and represents consistent standards of quality, encouraging consumer loyalty and creating a comfort level for your public.

The visual style of the organization affects its positioning in the market, while your purpose is made visible through the overall design and behavior of your organization. Your brand is the promise you make to your public. It shapes your relationships with all stakeholders and is based on your unique, value-creating capabilities.
In short, your brand encompasses every interaction a customer experiences with your company. A logo by itself is just a graphic element and when it is gracefully in step with your overall brand, a strong foundation is created and the dance begins.

Norbert Marszalek is the co-founder of Pear Design. He has been featured in many graphic design annuals and has won numerous brand identity design awards.